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The star itself is rather difficult to spot within the huge constellation, and finding it requires some star hopping. Fortunately, though, Ophiuchus contains many spectacular and famous objects that to some extent can be used to find Rasalhague, including seven Messier objects, M9, M10, M12, M14, M19, M62, and M, all of which are globular clusters. While there are various ways to find Rasalhague within the constellation, one of the easiest ways is to locate the globular cluster M14, and then to draw a line almost due north for about 16 degrees to the first bright star, which is Rasalhague.

Notable stars and objects

Handily, there are no other bright stars on this line, although its path will pass just to the right of Beta Ophiuchi Celbalrai , which is the fifth brightest star in the constellation. He was sworn in at PM today in Washington, DC, with a chart that has several interesting features. The Sun represents, among other things, the archetype of the King. January 20th and the whole Aquarius season of the Zodiac are here to remind us that the president is not a king; he has no license for tyranny.

Rasalhague Star – Head of Ophiuchus – Astrology King

His power is limited by public opinion and by congress both Aquarian-ruled things. Now go fix our healthcare and make me a sandwich.

The inauguration chart also has Juno and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius, in the Eighth House of secrets. Juno is the asteroid that represents partnership, while the planet Saturn is, of course, government and authorities.

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Sagittarius, meanwhile, is the sign of foreigners, publishing, the law, and unfettered, open communications. Are you connecting the dots on this like I am? In astrology, there are always multiple potential expressions of the archetypal energies in the chart. Furthermore, Mercury communications and Pluto power are in Capricorn in the inauguration chart, both sitting in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign travel.


Harry Potter connections to astronomy. Star Hopping Guides.

Aldebaran and Antares Stars of Power and War

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Rasalhague, The Head of the Snake Charmer

To prevent the entire human race from becoming immortal under Asclepius' care, Zeus killed him with a bolt of lightning, but later placed his image in the heavens to honour his good works. Ophiuchus is a large constellation straddling both the celestial equator and the ecliptic. The southern half of the constellation lies on the summer Milky Way.

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  7. Its brightest star at magnitude 2. Rasalhague is 47 light years distant and shines about 25 times brighter than our Sun. Its spectral class is A5 with a surface temperature is about 8, degrees Kelvin. Second brightest is Sabik Eta at magnitude2.


    Sabik is in fact a close double that is very difficult for amateurs to resolve. The orbit is highly eccentric with the separation of the two stars varying by a factor of 32 during the 88 year orbital period. The system lies at a distance of 84 light years and both stars belong to spectral class A. Zeta is third brightest at magnitude 2.

    Zeta does not have a proper name, which is rather ironic as it is the real powerhouse amongst the brighter stars of Ophiuchus.

    The history of the star: Ras Alhague

    It is light years distant and were it not partly obscured by interstellar dust and gas would shine at almost first magnitude. It has a surface temperature of about 32, Kelvin and a luminosity of about 68, times that of the Sun. Yed Prior is light years distant and shines at magnitude 2. It is a class M giant with a radius 58 times that of the Sun and a surface temperature of 3, Kelvin. Its total luminosity is times that of the Sun.

    Cebalrai is an orange class K2 giant similar to Arcturus , 82 light years distant with a surface temperature of 4, Kelvin and a luminosity of 64 times that of the Sun.